At Smith Cooper IFS we believe it’s not enough to simply be up to date with the latest configuration of laws brought in by successive governments and governmental budgets. 


Our singular way of working is based on the principle of taking time to personally understand your wealth, your estate and, critically, all your family obligations including your children and your aspirations as a parent.  


It’s a person-first approach proven to provide the most intelligently assessed wealth management strategy tailored to your financial objectives.


“With so many considerations to be made, I am delighted that Smith Cooper took time first to understand my situation and only then provide a financial strategy to match.” 

As part of your inheritance tax and estate planning strategy we’ll include considerations for wills, lasting power of attorney, pre and post nuptial agreements and co-habitation arrangements. 


We also know that making a gift while you are still alive brings happiness to all, far outweighing the sadness of passing on your estate after you die and so, wisely, our planning can also help you and your family enjoy your wealth within your lifetime without losing sight of your longer-term financial security. 


It’s a comprehensive, one-to-one way of working that sets us apart as an independent financial services provider - and one that will set your inheritance tax and estate investment strategy apart from the others. 


The FCA does not regulate will writing / inheritance tax planning