It’s often an onerous responsibility but one that Smith Cooper IFS can remove the burden from with a full range of investment, management and maintenance services.

Our first priority is to strike a close working relationship with Trustees so that we can fully understand their roles, the intention of the trust or charity and their goals.

“With Smith Cooper IFS we were better able to enhance our income, minimise our tax liabilities and ultimately provide a better return for our beneficiaries.”

We’ll then formulate a statement of investment principle to identify areas of investment diversification and tax-efficiencies that will best enhance the outcome for all concerned.

Our services include structuring new trusts and charities, restructuring those that may have slipped and the provision of regular performance reviews that not only meet legislative requirements but enhance the reputation of the Trustees.

At every stage of the process we will work hand-in-hand with you to help you make more informed investment, tax and asset management decisions that, when offset against acceptable risk, will maximise the potential of the trust or charity you are responsible for.

Our message to Trustees is simple. No matter how complex or demanding your requirements, we’ll always be by your side.