With the right pension planning and management this needn’t be so.

At Smith Cooper IFS our corporate financial planning specialists will work not only with you but your pension fund trustees, administrators and actuaries – bringing all stakeholders together so that we can drive a singular vision and pension solution.

“Our current occupational pension scheme was, in effect, costing us dear. Smith Cooper IFS corrected the situation and brought us efficiently in line with auto enrolment legislation. A win-win.”

Our service starts with a detailed assessment of your current obligations which we then analyse in context with your budget, your goals, your employees needs and compliance with relevant legislative requirements.

By taking all aspects into account – and seeing your pension scheme requirements from every stakeholder perspective – we’ll arrive at occupational pension recommendations that are truly the best for your business.

Our proposals will also cover your automatic enrolment obligations.

Auto enrolment is governed by the Pensions Regulator which is empowered to issue quite substantial fines for those who do not comply.

Understandably, the temptation is to take the quickest, easiest and least expensive route towards compliance but this is not necessarily the ideal option.

Our financial advisers have significant expertise in the area of auto enrolment and will explain its principles and pitfalls; guiding you through the entire process and its legislation so that the transition has the most positive impact for all involved.