But what happens if you lose a senior staff member, partner or key shareholder through death, critical injury or life-changing illness?

This kind of intangible loss so often falls below the radar of business owners, resulting in an exposure to risk that, if realised, could lead to the swift and catastrophic failure of an enterprise.

“I’d never considered the risk if a key board member were to leave the business due to unforeseen circumstances. Through Smith Cooper IFS, we are now fully covered.”

At Smith Cooper IFS, we’ll help you guard against these potential eventualities through in-depth analysis of your business and a thorough examination of your risk exposure.

We also appreciate your need to recruit and keep the kind of people who will drive your business forward. As such, we provide advice and guidance on the financial implications of employee benefit schemes you’ll be considering in order to meet this goal.

Ultimately, whether covering risk for the loss or absence of a key team player or developing benefit schemes to attract valuable new employees, our corporate protection services will always best fit your personal, business and human resource requirements.